Frequently asked questions:


Q:  Can anyone come in to your store, or is it just for public safety?

A:  No, anyone can come into our store.  However, some items are restricted to law enforcement/public safety only (IE: Some knives, batons, pepper sprays, etc.)


Q:  Did your place used to be a funeral home?

A: Yes it did, we won't charge you for any haunted items though.


Q: Can my department/organization set up an account easily? 

A: Yes, it's as easy as getting us a tax-exempt form if you have one, and a billing address if you'd like to be billed.


Q: Can i come in and buy body armor? Is it available to civilians?

A: Body armor is legal to own if you're a civilian, however, felons are not able to own body armor in NYS.


Q:  I want to get pepper spray for my wife's sister's dog's nephew's daughter, but no one online will ship it to me, can i get some at your store?

A:  Yes, you can come in and grab some, but you will be limited to civilian spray.  


Q:  I need a patch/patches sewn on, but I didn't buy the item from you guys, will you be mad if I come in to have it sewn on?

A:  We will be mad at you, but we will do it no problem.


Q:  Why is Jason so good looking?

A:  We aren't sure, it's scary though.  Word on the street is he's single.


Q:  Do you guys sell firearms?

A:  We are in the process for our FFL right now, but we are able to sell ammo and accessories.


Q:  Do you guys do any kind of dry-cleaning?

A:  We do not, but we do all sorts of alterations to your garments.


Q: I want to get a sample item or a size run for my department to put in an order, is such a thing possible?

A: We will absolutely work with any department to get samples and whatnot to check out.