Frequently asked questions:


Q:  Can anyone come in to your store, or is it just for public safety?

A:  No, anyone can come into our store.  However, some items are restricted to law enforcement/public safety only (IE: Some knives, batons, pepper sprays, etc.)


Q:  Did your place used to be a funeral home?

A: Yes it did, we won't charge you for any haunted items though.


Q: Can my department/organization set up an account easily? 

A: Yes, it's as easy as getting us a tax-exempt form if you have one, and a billing address if you'd like to be billed.


Q: Can i come in and buy body armor? Is it available to civilians?

A: Body armor is legal to own if you're a civilian, however, felons are not able to own body armor in NYS. UPDATE:  Aunt Kathy now says that SOFT body armor is illegal to possess aside from "such professions" that "include those in which the duties may expose the individual to serious physical injury that may be prevented or mitigated by the wearing of a body vest." However, these professions are not defined by the DCJS just yet.  It's a lovely gray area right now until they update the list.


Q:  I want to get pepper spray for my wife's sister's dog's nephew's daughter, but no one online will ship it to me, can I get some at your store?

A:  Yes, you can come in and grab some, but you will be limited to civilian spray.  


Q:  I need a patch/patches sewn on, but I didn't buy the item from you guys, will you be mad if I come in to have it sewn on?

A:  We will be mad at you, but we will do it no problem.


Q:  Why is Jason so good looking?

A:  We aren't sure, it's scary though.  Word on the street is he is in a relationship with a model.  Sorry, ladies.


Q:  Do you guys sell firearms?

A:  We are in the process for our FFL right now, but we are able to sell ammo and accessories.


Q:  Do you guys do any kind of dry-cleaning?

A:  We do not, but we do all sorts of alterations to your garments.


Q: I want to get a sample item or a size run for my department to put in an order, is such a thing possible?

A: We will absolutely work with any department to get samples and whatnot to check out.


Q: My issued shirt is too baggy in all areas and my arms look like tiny little twigs.  What can I do about this?

A: https://www.crunch.com/locations  But if you want to do it the easy way, you can bring them in and have the sleeves shortened and tailored perfectly for your tiny arms.  We also can do pants as well if you're skipping leg day.


Q: How come my uniforms are taking so long to come in? I thought COVID was over?

A: There are many reasons as to why.  Maybe we just don't like you.  But chances are the items you ordered are backordered from the manufacturer.  Nowadays, pretty much everything is backordered.  We will work on updating you as soon as possible and let you know of any alternatives.