What We Do

Here at Sewing Tech, we're much more than just a couple of sewing machines in a warehouse.  We can do much more than you think.



Aside from just uniform shirts, pants and jackets, we also have some cool civilian stuff as well.  Check out our non-uniform apparel category to browse.  Other items you might not know we provide are:

-Custom patches including logo design

-All sorts of badges, namebars and tie bars

-IFAKs and med kits

-Body armor and plates

-Corporate apparel 

-Embroidery even on items not purchased here



   Okay, yes we can do boring stuff like sew patches and hem your pants as well, but did you know we can custom tailor your long sleeve shirts into short sleeves? Or that we can add zippers to the front of your shirt?  Need your shirt tailored to fit your huge muscles like mine? Not sure of what we can do? Just call or email and ask!  Here's the short list:

-Pant hemming

-Patch sewing

-Braid added to coat or pants

-Velcro adding

-Button replacement

-Molle loops

-Shirt tapering

-Shorten/lengthen sleeves

-Pant tapering




   Sure, we can put your name on the right chest of your jobshirt in any font and color you want, and we can fully design and customize virtually any logo you want.  We also do:

-Sleeve embroidery

-Horsecollar (back of neck)

-Pant leg embroidery

-Custom work on all kinds of items


Heat Sealing

   Need 'SECURITY' or 'POLICE' put on some items of your own? Or on new items? We can do that.  We have all sorts of colors and fonts to choose from.  Heat sealing can be done on almost any flat, uniform surface.  Just ask for our placement recommendations!  Common colors include:



-Silver Reflective

-Black Reflective

-Metallic silver

-Metallic gold



-Metallic gold

-And many more